About Nani

My journey began in a small party rental company that delivered all types of party equipment. During one of our deliveries, I came across an entertainer (a clown to be more specific) who was interacting with the kids of the party. Inspiration coursed through me and a small voice in the back of my mind said “I would love to do that!” I love to dance, have fun and turn any situation into a positive learning experience. I’ve always enjoyed being in the company of others and having a good time. My personality is very outgoing and I tend to think outside the box.

“Nani” came from a childhood nickname my older brother gave me. All of that combined created the perfect recipe. And just like that, Nani the Entertainer was born! With hard work and dedication, I began to build up my name. Alongside equipment rentals, I was also offering my entertainer services. I incorporated my style into face painting, magic, games and character appearances at birthday parties and events. The games would also include the parents and other adults. This sparked the idea of expanding towards adult entertainment. Nothing fuels me more than bringing unforgettable moments to children. And now I am able to do that for people of all ages. I’ve worked in multiple adult daycare centers spending time with the elderly. I went from doing various hands-on activities with them like arts and crafts, to having dancing sessions and performances. My goal has been to give their minds as well as their bodies a proper workout. Nani the Entertainer party rental has ultimately become the life of the party! Thanks to the support of my loved ones and referrals from all my satisfied customers, my little project has blossomed. 18 years later, Nani is still providing the magic every party and event desires. I have made that little voice inside my mind proud and will continue to do so because I don’t see this as a job, but my calling.